About a year ago I bought what is possibly the most irritating alarm clock ever invented.  Its one alarm tone has no volume control and sounds like a fire alarm.  Another wonderful feature is that it has a strict, unadjustable snooze time of exactly 9 minutes. I suspect this is because nine minutes is precisely the time it takes for one to be lulled into a false sense of relaxation, and the heart-stopping siren would be less effective at any other second of the sleep cycle.  Each day I’d wake up angry at my alarm clock, and my attempt at revenge was a harsh slap across its snooze button.  In turn, my alarm clock would fire back endless rounds of wake up calls in 9 minute intervals.

After few months of waking up in this manner, I considered another tactic.  I vowed that the second I heard the alarm my feet would hit the floor.  On the first day I woke up minus the snooze button, I arrived at my work twenty minutes early and wide awake. This was enough to convince me that my extra 18 minutes of nervous sleep in the morning wasn’t as valuable as my sleepy self had been calculating for so long.

Though my alarm clock’s tone hasn’t improved, my mornings are much nicer. I leave my house put-together and ready for the day without the panic mode I was so accustomed to before. Try winning this small battle with yourself and see what other victories it leads to.