Here are the clues: a man is missing, no signs of a struggle, a suspicious long blonde hair left behind, a dark and stormy night, a barking dog, and a hidden staircase!  What could it all mean? Cheating June is going espionage for all of August.  We’ll be discussing how to read facial cues, interpret body language, detect potential criminals, and tail a suspect.  We’ll learn self defense tactics and survival guidelines in the skills section. Maybe we’ll even investigate some chic capes, double billed hats, and shades to cap off our style.

Though part of this is endeavor is to realize my childhood dream of becoming Nancy Drew (see below), learning to be aware of our surroundings, using them to our advantage, and thinking critically about them are important tools for any fair female.  Stay tuned for updates, and prepare to start sleuthing!

No wonder this girl has withstood the test of time. Fearless, smart, sneaky, and talented never go out of style.