Harry’s footsteps drag through Washington Square Park on New Years Eve as he nostalgically reflects his friendship with Sally, but as he starts to realize what she means to him, his footsteps quicken.  When his revelation hits, he’s in a full cross-city sprint to get to her and tell her that he loves her.  Simba has been away from his home for years, but as soon as he realizes his place in his pride, his paws pound through the sand as fast as they can to get back to take his place as king. Forest breaks free of his leg braces when he runs away from bullies. Years later, Jenny calls out to him from the crowd at a Washington Mall rally, and they run to meet each other in the reflecting pool.

RUN. It is everything we have to give, every ounce of effort we can use to get somewhere.  It’s not being able to wait a second longer than is entirely necessary. It is excitement, motivation, desire and movement all wrapped into one action.  One little three-letter word is so full of soul.What makes you move like this?

Running started out as a means for us to obtain our most basic needs.  Primitive humans chased down game animals in a hunt or ran to safety from dangerous predators.  The “flight” in “fight or flight” is an instinct we developed for a reason, and although nowadays we don’t  utilize it as much for primal practices, it is still a big part of who we are.  Today running (and I separate this term completely from jogging) represents desire just as much as it ever did, and when we run to something, we mean it.

Think of something that makes you run.  What would you run for?  Who would you run to?  I’ve run through an airport to connect to a flight that would take me to see my sister.  I’ve run through the gates of Disney World to get to Splash Mountain. I’ve run to catch a boyfriend’s beloved dog that I accidently let escape.  I’ve run to meet my teammates after we scored a goal. I’ve run to a ball so that I could score a goal.  I’ve run to reach the top of a mountain, to catch a train, to make it places on time, to be my best, to be the best, to tell a friend goodbye, to cheer a friend in a race.

And it doesn’t make it any less significant that I like to run.  One of my top ten favorite things in the world is being so exhausted that I can hardly walk. I love that. That’s when I know that I’ve done something worthwhile, to its fullest capacity.  The reason I like to run is that I have always equated giving something my all with running as fast as I can to it.  So while it doesn’t take a lot of convincing to get me to pick up my heels and take off, whatever or whoever motivates me to do so means something.

Pay attention to pictures, songs, movies, and stories that include running and to how they resonate with you.  They are so powerful.  My goal this week is to figuratively run towards all the goals that mean the most to me, putting in everything to achieving them.  I also want to revisit my days of running to exhaustion by entering a race and testing my instinctual “flight” skills. Below is motivation!


“I Run To You” -Lady AntabellumWhitney Houston

“Running” -No Doubt

“Pumped Up Kicks” -Foster the People

“Born to Run” – Bruce Springstein

“Running Down A Dream” – Tom Petty

“Run into my Arms” -J.Holiday

“Run, Run, Run” -Pheonix

“Open Arms” -Mariah Carey

“Run It” Chris Brown

MOVIE SCENES (Caution Spoiler Alerts!! Running Happens at end of some movies):

Forest Gump, Love Actually, When Harry Met Sally, 13 Going On 30, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Pursuit of Happyness, Fighter, Bride Wars, Lion King, Rocky,  Two Weeks Notice, Bridget Jones’s Diary,