1. Two Truths and A Lie:

    Here’s a game to play as an ice-breaker or a time-killer.   One person says three facts about herself. Two are true, and one is a lie.  The other person has to guess which is the truth. Afterwards the roles are switched.  If you are in a group then one person states their facts and  then whoever’s lie is guessed is out of the game until there is just one more left.

    Here’s an example:

    1. I once roller bladed through Central Park. (lie)
    2. I had a pet parakeet named Larry Bird who played football. (truth)
    3. I can kick a 43 yard field goal with a soccer ball. (truth)
    I think it’s a cute game to play on a date because you get past all the boring generalities and onto the fun little details.  The more rounds you play, the more creative you have to get and the more you get to know about each other.