Key hooks to make sure  keys are always in the same easy-to-spot place

This literal key dish would be an adorable addition to that table right by your door. Your phone might be able to slip in here to.

Keeping yourself together entails keeping track of the small everyday stuff so that it doesn’t distract from your life. I can be so bad at misplacing my keys and phone, and can as a result unnecessarily late or unreachable. As annoying as this bad habit is for me, I know it must be even more frustrating for those around me who get roped into my unintentional little impromptu scavenger hunt or who have to accommodate the repercussions of my absent-mindedness.

It’s a small feat to master, but making an effort to keep your belongings organized can do wonders for your composure. Incorporating purse organizers and key dishes, hooks, and pagers are easy fixes for the situation.

These keys are so cool!

These keys come in pretty much any pattern you can think of to match your style.

While we’re on the topic of simplifying keys, let’s look at the actual keys themselves.  Sorting through multiple keys to find the right one for the door you’re at doesn’t need to be an issue.  Either color code them with key covers or copy your keys onto different shaped or patterned keys and make sure you keep a consistent design for each door.