You ever run across those people who do everything- plan and cook meals, always dress to impress, stay in great shape, volunteer at the hospital, etc.- and they think nothing of it? Many times, exceptional individuals don’t think of themselves as special, rather they feel that they just choose to do  things that seem impressive to others.

Dinner party, dressing up, first lady-ing, no big deal… Anything can become easier with practice!

Think of Lance Armstrong and his typical 80 miles daily trek up a mountain. He just wakes up, grabs a shake, does his workout and moves along with his day. Think of Pat Summit, who recruits, sees doctors, plans practices, keeps up with current and past players, and raises a son with her husband.  Or look at the president, whose typical day includes meeting with powerful world leaders, speaking in front of huge crowds, and flying all over to promote his ideas, and, of course, playing basketball.  A lazy day for any of those guys would be a busy one for most others.  Why? Because their thresholds for stress and activity tolerance are elevated to monumental levels.

They have their lives in an order such that the ordinary, mundane details of existance such as eating, checking email, exercising, washing dishes, and dressing nicely are so routine that they take little to no time or effort.  Thus, the everyday chores they put their effort into are ones that help them grow, rather than just maintain the level they’re already at.

Right now I am starting a sort of accelerated routine and habit building program (that I am making up as I go along) to make the effort of everyday living insignificant.  Grocery shopping, styling my hair, washing dishes, and cooking dinner will all be streamlined into one super easy pattern so that I can focus on the much more important task of going for my dreams.