Proudly display your love of literacy with the books you adore personalized to match your style.  Several websites and vendors offer personalization of either classic novel text or covers. Here are some of the best. For a special gift, you can insert a friend into her favorite novel.  For weddings or anniversaries, you could give the happy couple a classic love story with their names substituted in place of the original characters (i.e. Romeo and Juliet becomes Warren and Rachel). The change happens not only on the cover of the book (where you have the option of displaying a picture of your choice), but also in the text (Oh Warren, Warren, wherefore art thou Warren…).

Personalize your prints at websites like

Choose covers that coordinate with your living room and stack them so everyone can admire your awesome taste in the written word.  Designs feature everything from flamingos to flowers and chandeliers to scissors.  Below is a teal Odyssey covered in crashing waves.  Click on either picture to check out your options.

From Mod Cloth website, your favorite classics in unconventional hardback covers