Here are your past words of the week. We try to use these once a day in context

13. Benighted- adj. intellectually or morally ignorant

12. Balky- adj. stubborn

11. Hubris-n. excessive pride or arrogance

10. Eructation- n. the act or instance of belching

9. Panomphean- adj. uttering ominous or prophetic voices (Apparently, this word has been out of style for centuries.  It is now my mission to save it.  Just think, if it shows up in papers and TV again we’ll know it’s because of us.  Use it as much as possible.)

8. Veracious- adj.  honest, truthful

7. Visage- noun appearance, countenance, face

6. Dyspeptic- adj. irritable

5. Assay- verb to examine or analyze

4.Imperious- adj. overbearing or dictatorial

3. Cajole- verb. to flatter in order to persuade

2. Manqué-adj. (placed after noun and sounds like Maa Kay.. the N is very subtle) could have been, but is not; unfulfilled, unsuccessful. Ex. The quarterback manqué gave up playing sports to pursue a degree in medicine.

1. Scrupulous- adj. conscientious or thorough; careful to avoid doing wrong