Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish in Trixie and Krystal. Click on picture for link.

It’s almost time for Valentine’s Day, and we need to properly prepare for all that smootching. A pretty cool tool for the trade is lip plumping gloss.  There are a few different brands out there, but I tried Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish.  Because of some spices, it makes your lips tingle and increases circulation to the area, dilating blood vessels and thereby increasing the fullness of your pout.  Results are truly noticeable, and the effects can last 30 minutes. It is also moisturizing and is available in a variety of different tints.

I enlisted some girls to help test the product’s kissing performance on their men.  The unsuspecting guys all noticed a difference in the kiss.

“Mmmm..Minty!” was one guy’s initial reaction. Upon deeper reflection, he said that he thought it would be fine just so long as it didn’t interfere with the taste of his beer.  He also commented that using the gloss would be a chance to make a kiss to stand out in someone’s memory.  “If a guy kisses, say, ten girls in a week and there’s one that makes his lips tingle, he would remember that one.  But maybe that’s not the kind of guy you want anyway.”

Our next subject noticed something strange about the kiss, but didn’t react until we told him what was going on. “So I can acknowledge that my lips are tingling?”  He said it was kind of nice, and thought the product tasted like cheesecake.  He’s the only tester or subject who tasted that side effect.  This guy was all for the lip gloss, giving it an enthusiastic thumbs up review.

The final guy is a little different because he knew about the lip gloss beforehand (it was the reason for the kiss), and he and the tester had no baseline kiss he could compare to.  Despite these setbacks, he still felt like it was the best kiss he had ever had.  “It’s kind of waxy,” he said evaluating the gloss left over on his lips, “But I think you would just kiss it all off.”  We didn’t test that theory.

On a side note for lip gloss in general, one guy commented, “I like lip gloss…just so long as she’s not a sloppy kisser, because then it gets all over your face.”  He also said that sticky lip gloss sucks. Make sure your lip gloss doesn’t dry out or expire to prevent the latter. As it is, Buxom Lip Polish is very smooth and doesn’t easily dry out because its container is pretty easy to secure.

Bottom line is that this is a quality gloss that really does make lips appear fuller, and that it won’t turn your guy off.  It’s well worth the $18 at Sephora.