Good headbands are hard to find, but easy to wear.  A good band will polish an ensemble or add purpose to a hairstyle.  Celebrities always step out wearing the nicest, simple headbands over their ponytails, but most of what you find in retail stores are these ridiculous bands with gaudy feathers, bows, or flowers. Turband headbands aren’t too flattering most of the time either. Generally, when it comes to hair accessories, less is more.  Thin headbands can dress up ponytails when you’re going out or hold them back when you’re running laps. The following are headbands that are affordable, functional, and all-around classy (links are listed below):

double stranded casual:

bra strap casual:

simple silver:

shiny double:

little leaves:

fancy beaded:

gripped sporty:

ultra thin sporty: