I think I get smarter just from looking at this cover.  Whatever politics you subscribe to, there’s not much dispute about the intelligence of this former president.  In his newest book, Back to Work, Bill Clinton explains the state of United States in very economic terms, simplified enough so that non-economists can understand and detailed enough to offer a comprehensive past-present-future view of our country’s situation.

Add substance to your stance. Read books from first hand sources, such as former presidents.

Reading Clinton’s introduction about how politics are affecting an individual’s attempts at financial security and professional success is world changing. He explains how this financial landscape is burdening individuals and why it came to be that way.  I felt like I was in the Good Will Hunting scene when Robin Williams finally gets through to Will, making him realize “It’s not your fault.”

Plus, with election year upon us, it’s good to get an outside view of the political environment.  Even though I hate getting in political debates, they inevitably come up throughout election year, and it’s always good to have solid knowledge backing up your reasoning. Clinton does a good job of balancing his criticism and offers his well-informed opinion on what solutions are available without designating one party as a carrier of his philosophy.

Take a look with new eyes. His book is recommended by Clinton for just that reason.

I’m in the middle of this book now, but it’s truly been enlightening.  It’s helping me get a better view on what I’m looking for when I elect my representatives and an idea of how to handle my individual situation in riding out the economic storm and preparing for my future.

When I talked to my sister about my recent revelations that came from reading this book, she commented, “I think you’d like any president more after reading his book.” So, for even more perspective and understanding, my next book is going to be George W. Bush’s Decision Point, the memoir he wrote immediately after leaving office describing key decisions he made in and out of presidency.  Keeping an open mind is key to sound knowledge and growth, and I am excited to hear what both of these highly influential men have to say.