Interesting little read to ignite your imagination.

Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day by Winifred Watson is our April book of the month.  Woo hoo! This book comes off of a list of recommendations from my dad, who is periodically featured in the Metropolitan Library magazine’s book review section.

This particular novel is a fun one. It’s about a down and out nanny who happens upon good fortune with a new and exciting gig. He says it’s a quick, “quirky” read that will definitely give readers something to mull over.  “I say unusual because it reads like a play – and a fairytale play at that. It definitely held my interest and I read it faster than I usually read because I was anxious to know how the story would end,” he said in his review.

Also, the book was made into a movie so after you’ve read it, you can see how the theatrical version measures up to your imagination.