May’s book club book is “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” by Ben Fountain. The novel was released yesterday, and though this is Fountain’s debut novel, it’s been getting crazy amounts of attention. The story is about an American soldier fresh back from the Iraq War.  Upon return from a mission that became famous, he is received as a hero and sent on a sort of victory tour.  One stop is the Super Bowl halftime show, which is the crux of the novel.  Here he encounters family, friends, fans, political heavy weights, and financial power players. His journey through this new reality is one of confusion and enlightenment.

Though the books are hot off the press and libraries are still waiting to for their copies to arrive, already critics are deeming “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” an American classic and comparing it to “Catch 22.” Let’s be among the first to explore, discuss, and appreciate this new work of art.  Now that Cheating June is on Twitter, we can discuss our thoughts on Billy Lynn’s story together.