On our way through these adventurous lives of ours, we’re bound to get some scrapes every now and again, and it’s high time we deal with them with sense of fashion!  Some new products offer a dashing way to dress those wounds.   There are a surprisingly large number of fashion-friendly bandages on the market, but these are my favorites. If you needed any excuse to get outside and go hard, finding a reason to sport these spunky new accessories might be just the ticket.

From these fun shoe themed bandages to kisses, mustaches, and cupcake shaped/imprinted designs, perpetualkid.com has the most adorable selection of bandages. Bonus: they include small sizes.

Perfect for a night out! These new Band-Aid Brand Cynthia Rowley designed bandages feature glitter, sequins, gems, and bows. Bonus: they are the Band Aid quality we trust to leave us scarless, and you can buy them at Target.

There are even some clear, rhinestone encrusted bandages called Boo Boo Bling that would be nice for a fancy night out, but they are expensive for what you get(about a dollar per bandage). If you’re looking for fun, guy-friendly bandages, Perpetual Kid has cowboy, bacon, and Mario themed kits as well. Go play hard and have a dashing recovery!

Boo boo bling is more of an accessory than a bandage.