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Old movies make new friends.

Getting to know people can be a tricky task in the city.  You go out for drinks or dinner, catch the latest blockbuster, or meet up for a game, but all of these prompt pretty surface level interaction.  Somehow I feel like a pretty generic conversation encircles these environments. Maybe it’s because everyone everywhere is talking about them, and ideas get recycled. That’s why I thought it was pretty cool when a brand new friend invited me to come out with him and his buddy for a Woody Allen movie night an old local theater was hosting.

While I am no movie buff, these guys totally are, and they filled me in on the director, the theater, and their love of film history.  It was an opportunity for me to see a unique side of them and the situation naturally encouraged fun conversation.  The movies in this case were both pretty hilarious comedies from the 70’s, Love and Death and Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex *But Were Afraid to Ask.  As may be expected from the titles, the flicks broke past the polite conversation barriers for us.  It was also cool, because I could see what was really funny to them, and it was nice when we were laughing at the same parts.

While comedies were the film du jour, I think old films of any genre are good to explore on a date. They tend to delve a little deeper and they always have different perspectives than today’s culture does.  I was lucky to be out with guys who were really excited about and had a history with the movies we were watching, but anyone who’s willing to go out and try out a new scene will have a good time with these shows.