First Royal tour: women onlookers

A butt to be proud of! Strengthen your glutes, hammies, and thighs, and fill that dress right!

All right, people. It seems butt workouts are in high demand these days, so you asked for it, you’re getting it.  Here is one of my favorites.  Do everything in succession and don’t take breaks in the middle of sets.  The key to this workout is fighting through the fatigue.  So, suck it up, lose your breath, and come back hungry for more!

What to do:

  • First, warm up by jogging or biking for about 8 minutes.
  • The exercises are broken down into groups of three. Go through them 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1,2,3,1,2,3. Then switch to then next group of exercises.
  • Go in order.
  • If you take a break, make it brief and do so at the end of the last exercise in a group.

Form to look out for:

  • In squats, keep your weight on your heels, and make sure your knees are in line with and behind your toes, which are pointed straight ahead.  Your center of gravity is in front of your belly button, so when your butt goes back (to place the weight on your heels), your chest will lean forward with your shoulders staying back.
  • Jumps should have a soft landing. Cushion your landing by landing on your toes and not locking out your knees. The quieter you jump, the better.
  • In lunges, keep your feet shoulder width apart throughout your movement. Toes and knees point forward.  Front knee should stay behind front toe.  Weight is on back leg.
  • Keep your knees slightly bent. Don’t lock them out.
  • When you get fatigued, it’s easier to lose correct form, keep correct alignment through every rep of every set.


4×15 (if single leg exercise, 15 each leg)

  1. Squat with 5 second hold every third rep
  2. Step Up to Balance (20″ plyo box or step)
  3. Box Jumps (same box)
  4. Single Leg Squats
  5. Walking Lunge
  6. Donkey Kicks
  7. Step Down (12″ box)
  8. Side Step Up (same box)
  9. Quick Step Ups
  10. Calf Raises on step
  11. 2-Way Hamstring Kicks
  12. Mountain Climbers


1. Standing slightly wider than shoulder width apart, bend knees to 90 degrees, and come back to standing.

2. Step up on box with one foot, other knee drives up to chest so that you’re standing on box balanced on one leg. Step back down.  Work one side for 15 reps then switch to other side.

3. Jump with both feet on box.

4. Balance on one leg with the other out behind you, keep core tight, and bend knee to no lower than 90 degrees.

5. Stand shoulder width apart. Take big step forward. Bend back leg, keeping shoulders, hips, and knee aligned. Step forward to bring feet together. Step with other foot and repeat.

6. Start on your knees and hands so that you’re looking at the ground.  Raise up to your toes. From here, kick both legs in the air and land back on your toes. Immediately upon touching down, repeat.

7. Start on top of box. Step down out in front of box with one leg. Push back up with your other leg so that you return to standing on top of box. Be sure to watch your knees on this one.

8. Turn so that you are standing next to box. Place foot closest to box flat along top edge of box and push up with that leg so that you’re standing half on box at the top. Control movement with same leg as you lower yourself back to ground. Foot on top of box will not move until you finish repetitions and switch sides.

9. Face box and step up onto box and then quickly back down.  Move your arms in running motion as you quickly step up and back down. Switch leading foot after 15 repetitions.

10. Stand on a step and hold onto wall for balance.  Place your feet side by side so that your toes and mid foot are on box, but heels are hanging off edge.  Push up on toes (by plantar flexing) and then lower heels below step so that your toes are flexed back towards you (dorsi flexing). Repeat.

11. On hands and knees with back flat and hips square to ground, straighten and lift one leg so that it’s even with the line of your back.  Kick leg up over the height of your body as high as you can. Lower again so that your hips are back to starting position.  Repeat rapidly for 15 reps.  Then, with leg still straight and toes pointed, kick leg even with line of body out to the side and back to starting positions. Repeat rapidly for 15 reps. Switch legs.

12. From hands and knees, rise up as in a sprint starting position with legs staggered.  Keeping hands where they are, jump switch position of feet in one motion. As soon as feet hit new position, switch back,