When commuting is a large portion of your life, keeping a clean car can be difficult, but it is also important.  Documents, mail, make up, change of clothes, anything and everything seem to end up cluttering my floorboards.  I like to be well equipped for any travelling situation, but I also would like a tidy looking car.  Cars are our home on the road, a little reflection of ourselves we show to everyone we meet up with.  Here are some tools to help your vehicle be a calming haven in a traffic jammed world. Pictures are at bottom of page.

1. Tidy up. Car organizers have gotten pretty sophisticated and specialized.  Case Logic also has sleek looking and reasonably priced organizers online ($14.99) and at Target. Organizeyourride.com is also very reasonably priced and has a wide range of attractive looking organizers for visors, seats, and backs of seats.  The back of the seat organizer has lots of pockets and retails for $12.95 online.

2. Storage System. The trunk is all too frequently neglected, especially when your occupation or recreational interests involve you hauling around a bunch of loose equipment.  To remedy frequently shifting gear in the trunk, try floor organizers or large storage containers.  The Container Store has a special super organizable hauling system that features color coding, lots of pouches, and helpful straps and handles. It is definitely the high end of trunk space savers ($69.95). However, they have a very reasonable and practical alternative in their trunk trays, which feature gripped bases that prevent sliding.  They cost $5.99-$12.99 depending on size.

3. Fresh scent. Smell good trees that hang from the rear view mirror are old hat.  Never be short on your favorite car smell and use what professional car services use at a fraction of the price.  From Auto Scents Inc., you get 20 air fresheners for $7. Or if you want a fun way to fill your car with your favorite Bath and Body Works scent, try a Scentportable. They come shaped like animals, ice cream cones, skull and cross bones, and peace signs or in standard circular designs of various colors. They are $4-5 each.

4. Tunes you love. Easy. Radios with ads and dj’s are chaotic. Get a converter and dock for your iphone, ipod, or mp3 player. Also, keep your favorite CD’s handy in cases and visor holders. Case Logic has a great design that fits 20 cds on one visor ($9.99 online) and you can find a wide variety of designs and colors on Etsy ($15).

Everything you need: