Would you rather… spend all day everyday knitting or have all your clothes made all from yarn?

So what that “Would You Rather” was all the rage in 5th grade when Delia*s catalog highlighted it?  The game still holds up!  If you want a fun car game, group ice-breaker, or pool side conversation,  break out the old tried and true.  Would You Rather simply asks its participants to choose between 2 equally awful or awesome choices and then justify their reasons.  For instance, would you rather stand on the edge of the Empire State building on a windy day or the middle of the desert in the middle of a heat wave?

Start with the easy stuff like would you rather be born with a horse’s tail or bunny ears? and then work into the more complicated Sophie’s choice type questions.  The key is for everyone to ask questions that are tough to answer and to answer thoughtfully.  Here are a few classics to get ya started, but remember it’s more fun when they’re of your own making!

Would you rather….

…have the ability to read people’s minds or the ability to see the future?

…lose every contact in your phone or have every contact you’ve ever made lose your number?

…make a six figure salary copying Encyclopedias by hand everyday or live on minimum wage making a difference doing the thing you loved?

…unwittingly walk around all day with your zipper unzipped or lettuce between your teeth?

… be the most talented musician ever, but not recognized til after you die or be rich and famous for being a bitchy reality tv star?

…marry your true unrequitted love or someone you aren’t in love with who truly loves you?

…travel the world on a unicycle with only a backback and get to see everything or travel around the country in luxury but never see anything else?

…never feel warmth or never feel cool?

You know your friends, so you have an advantage when coming up with difficult questions. Put them between a rock and a hard place.  If she likes to keep all her old running shoes, make her choose between getting a lifetime supply of new runners that she must throw out to get next pair and getting a shoe museum to display all her old sneakers. If he loves the Lakers, give him a would you rather… get tickets to every Laker game, knowing they’d never win or never get to watch another game, but know they would reach the championships every year.

Have fun teasing your friends and get to know them a little better in the process.