Perk Up! Read the book before you see the movie.

This sweet little novel is a quick read, but I wouldn’t say it’s easy. If you’re looking to feel emotions, this is the book for you. The fifteen-year-old Charlie narrates through letters he writes in lieu of a diary and sends to you for a sort of safe keeping. He absorbs the onslaught of life-altering issues those in his family and friend circle face as he works his way into addressing his own.

Charlie’s roller coaster ride takes you passenger side through every deep thought and feeling possible.  I can’t say I cried during the book, but I will confess there was an inexplicable moment just after I read the last page when a bite into an apple brought me to tears. Fair warning for crazy emotions.

The book, published by MTV and made into a movie produced by Summit, also contains a slew of literary and musical references that will keep you busy for as long as you want to keep up.

The best selling book is now a critically acclaimed movie and is definitely worth checking out.