second shower of the day

Take your shower to a whole other level, and lavish in lathering up!

For the best shower ever you don’t need to buy out Bath and Body Works.  You don’t need scented candles, back scrubbing loofas, or relaxing mood music. The most important component in a quality shower is a good layer of filth to wash away.  I grew up playing sports so I always value mud, dirt, and/or sweat, but even those of you who don’t like getting grimy need to trust me here.  Watching your skin systematically change from dirty to clean can turn an ordinary daily routine to a soul-serving ritual.

When we value our bodies and what they do for us everyday, we care for them.  Showering is a great time to notice what is going on with your body- how it’s changing, what it looks like, how it’s a part of who you are.

Try this:

1. Get dirty.

2. Get in the shower and rinse off entire body.

3. Starting from the top with your hair, carefully wash every inch of yourself as if preparing for inspection. Leave shampoo and conditioner in for recommended minutes.  Gently scrub your face and neck. Take time for each arm, each hand and finger. Remember the tricky spots like behind your ears and in your belly button. Work your way to your toes, making sure to clean everything.  When it comes to shaving, use shaving cream and a fresh razor, and take time; don’t miss a spot, and don’t nick yourself.  Think of yourself as the most valuable object that must be kept in tip-top shape.

4. Get out of shower and dry off entire body.

5. Starting from the top with your face (or hair if you use leave in conditioner or something), lotion your body.  Feel and look at your skin and recognize the difference between now and when you got in the shower. As you do this look over nails, callouses and eyebrows. Tweeze, clip, file, and paint as needed.

The closer we are to our bodies, the better we treat them and the better we feel.  Knowing everything about how your exterior looks gives you confidence and power, and it helps you stay healthy. This shower is the most refreshing because it values your body for what it is right then at that second, and it prepares it for the future.