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Cheating June

Rights to Fight For: Women deserve equal opportunity

Every now and then I get dismayed at the state of women’s rights, and I lose any sense of cool composure I might have been carrying. Anytime Title IX gets casually badmouthed or antiquated arguments against female leadership are thrown out as accepted facts, I can hardly pull myself off my soapbox. When I notice guys around me approaching women with a use-it-and-lose-it maxim, and worse when the women alter their behavior to fit their attitudes, I may as well be turning green and tearing my shirt apart in a combined Brandi Chastain/Hulk style, reaching for that stupid bra I can’t wait to burn. Half of me turns into a self-righteous feminist while the rest of me feels this odd sense of inadequacy to either change the way of the world or to change myself to fit it.

As women, we pay…

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