Two pretty powerful forces of cold are at force in the middle of winter: the actual temperature of the weather and the chilling effect of being more isolated. So let’s get both of those birds with one stone. Hot Yoga is one place where neither community nor sweat is optioinal.

Yoga has never particularly been my style, but it doesn’t matter.  In the middle of winter it works.  Basically, hot yoga takes you through a standard routine of yoga poses in a room that feels like a sauna.  Instructors take you through a progression of breathing, standing and sitting poses, and stretches. The deliberate pace of workout times well with the slower wind of our internal clocks, and it’s great mental training because although the poses are by nature slow-moving, there is never a moment when you are static.

Additionally, The gallons of sweat just completely wash out that gross sluggish stuck inside feeling.  After some time, you get to know the different  poses and progressions, and it works as a nice challenge to improve each time you step in the door.

I bought a 30 day pass and so far have been 4 out of 4 days.  If you’re looking to push yourself out of the snowy mentality, I can’t recommend this class more.

What you need: yoga mat, beach towel or yoga towel, filled water bottle

What you don’t need: $40 yoga mats or towels- no one cares or sees what you have and your focus is elsewhere