pos_buttonCombine a New Yorker version of Tigger voice with spot on psychology and caring, productive advice and you get The Positive Mind Radio podcast.  Clinical psychologist Armand Dimele discusses topical psychology and then talks to callers about whatever they’re going through, occasionally relating to the same discussion.  His voice and insight are both very remarkable and comforting. A caller will say something as non descript as “I’m making macaroni and cheese,” and he comes back with some uncomprehendable knowledge like, “So you’re the oldest of 5 children and you just broke your arm playing basketball with your Dad, whom never said I love you enough?” And he’s always right.

My sister and I binge listened to his program with smiles on our faces, chiming in every now and then with, “Do you think Joe’s a narcissist?” or “Do you feel that way?”  It’s really the most comforting advice, even if it doesn’t immediately apply to you. It just makes you feel like your world is going to be okay.

Online podcast: http://www.thepositivemind.com/radio_frame.php