Happy I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore Day! Today’s the kind of day for overcoming adversity, and we’re going to put the active in proactive.  This workout combines high reps with longer intervals of cardio and works towards endurance strength that is applicable towards mid to long distances of running, biking, and swimming.  It can be done at home with little equipment. If you are looking for a workout to promote more strength or power, shorten the time to 20 seconds, lower the reps to 8, increase the weight, increase the rest to 1 minute, and increase the pace.


As a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) I am happy to share some of my favorite workouts.  However, please be sure to consult with a physician before beginning any resistance or cardiovascular training and be sure to follow the instructions on form. If you have any questions, please send me a comment or message. If you have any pain, please stop and seek medical advice or clearance.  Please wear appropriate, comfortable clothing and supportive running shoes.

SUPPLIES: floor mat, 6-10 lb. medicine ball (MB), 1 resistance band

  1.  45 seconds jog in place
  2. 15 x MB squat
  3. 15 x Push up
  4. 15 x Resistance band triceps row
    1. Rest 30 seconds
    2. Repeat sequence 2 more times
  5. 45 seconds shuffle side to side 5 yards
  6. 15 x Reverse lunge with step back right leg
  7. 15 x Reverse lunge with step back left leg
  8. 15 x MB shoulder press
    1. Rest 30 seconds
    2. Repeat sequence 2 more times
  9. 45 seconds line hops forward/backward
  10. 15 x Resistance band lat pull down
  11. 15 x Resistance band bicep curl
  12. 15 x Resistance band monster walk
    1. Rest 30 seconds
    2. Repeat sequence 2 more times


  • Squats: feet slightly wider than shoulder width, keep bodyweight on heels, butt out, chest up, hold MB with both hands just in front of chest.  Sit down as low as you can while still keeping form down to 90 degree bend in knees. Do not squat deeper.
  • Push ups: hands just wide of shoulders, chest comes down to arms bent at 90 degrees, straight line from shoulders to hips, keep core muscles engaged (pull stomach in towards low back). To modify, drop knees to ground and keep the rest of the form the same
  • Resistance band triceps row: attach band to door or bar at waist height. Keeping knees slightly bent, bend at waist and keep back flat. Heels stay on floor.  Shoulders back and relaxed. Pull band back by squeezing shoulder blades together with arms in close to your body.
  • Reverse lunges: Start with feet shoulder width  and with knees slightly bent. Step back into lunge, staying shoulder width apart. Both knees should have room to bend at 90 degrees within the step. Keep front knee behind front toe and back knee off the ground. Push of back leg and engage core muscles to step back into starting position.
  • MB Shoulder press: Stand shoulder width and press MB overhead. Engage core and keep shoulders over hips (i.e. don’t lean back).
  • Band lat pull down: Secure band around high bar. Hold ends of band in either hand with palms down. Pull band back and in with back and arms. Keep shoulders relaxed and eyes focused on center of band.
  • Band bicep curls: Step on band. Hold either end of band with palms facing up, keep elbows touching ribs, pull band up to shoulders, slowly lower band back to starting position.
  • Band monster walk: stand with feet wide of shoulder width and tie band tightly around ankles in that position. Lower halfway into a squat. Step sideways, leading the movement with your hip. Keep knees in line with hips and toes. Keep shoulders and hips level and square.
  • Line hops are tiny hops over a line.