In the past ten days we’ve seen large groups of people coming together to make their views known.  Stephanie has talked about her time at the Women’s March in DC and how powerful that experience was.  People coming together to say not just women’s rights are important but human rights are important.

Sometimes just one person can make a lot of noise and make a change.  Like Constance Kopp, the protagonist of Girl Waits with Gun by Amy Stewart.  This book is a fictionalized account of a Constance who has been termed the first lady sheriff.

In 1914 Constance and her sisters live in rural New Jersey with her two sisters.  One day as they take their buggy into town Henry Kaufman hits them with his car.  Everyone is ok, but the cart needs some expensive repairs.  So Constance writes a letter to Henry asking for money to cover the damages.  Which he ignores.  After several letters Constance pays a visit to his office (he’s a silk factory tycoon), which he does not like.

Henry isn’t a good guy.  He’s a bully who begins to threaten Constance and her family, sending letters and breaking into their home.

But Constance isn’t going to take it.  She’s going to get her money and she’s going to protect her family.

This was a really great read made even more fascinating because it’s based on fact.  And here’s to Constance Kopp who stood up for what she felt was right.