The name “Cheating June” has its roots in June Cleaver, an ideal television mom and wife.  A while back she was the picture of perfection, the kind of woman that others modeled themselves after and tried to live up to.  She was proper and obedient, stylish and pretty, and always under control. Today we still have some relics of those ideals that we feel pressure to fit into.  Cheating June is a way to both fight back against the confines that come with those expectations and to embrace, explore, and shortcut the personal ideals we embrace.

When this blog started, I used it as an outlet for self-improvement and introspection.  Cheating June was my attempt to keep growing, keep getting better.  It was my cheat sheet for being renaissance woman extraordinaire. My hope was that what I learned and found important could be useful to others and the site could be a sort of quick reference for useful skills.

Now, I see a need more a more activist role in my own life, and that is reflected in the focus of my articles.  Though I have always held similar beliefs that can be seen in my earliest posts, I grow as a go.  Now I see some things differently than I did years ago, and my newer posts are more purposeful and reflect what I’ve learned along the way.


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