Book Club

Expand your mind and learn about the classics and the bestsellers. We’ll share a new book each month. Read along!

Unbroken is an inspiring true story that takes place during WWII but focuses on one man’s personal journey.  Very cool friends, random hikers, and cute boys have all recommended this one to me.  Apparently this is a book that will really move you.





This bestseller is a deep story of a young girl from a rich family with an unusual outlook on the world.  Keep a dictionary handy, you’ll learn a lot of vocab going through this one.  This week’s vocabulary word was from page one.





I haven't seen a bad review of this book. Though it's told from a dog's perspective, this isn't your typical puppy love novel. The dog, Enzo is a self-educated philosopher whose insight walks readers through the lives of the humans around him.




Sleepy Head is the first of Mark Billingham’s British detective series. The lead character, Tom Thorne, is as central to the plot as the mysteries he discovers are. This particular mystery is about a frighteningly cruel serial killer (he couldn’t have started with a robbery?) who tortures his victims to death. Though some books further into the series have stronger reviews, the consensus seems to be that readers should start with the first Tom Thorne novel. So we will be brave, read this one together, and test our puzzle solving skills.



This moving 2008 novel is another New York Times Bestseller. It takes an intimate view of immigration, friendship, death, and family.






Our first book is on the best seller list and has just been made into a movie that’s coming out shortly. Won’t you sound so smart when you say, “That was good, but it sure didn’t hold a candle to the novel!”

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