Knowing your style is knowing yourself.  Make sure your appearance matches your personal beliefs and coordinates with your professional goals.


Long, charmed necklaces add an interesting style to any ensemble.  Some of the most interesting ones are the necklaces that open up like pocket watches and lockets.  Not only do they look great, they also give those cute boys a chance to get close for a look at what’s inside.

Notice the bird detail on the chain.

“The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize!”



Personalize with pictures on the inside.






Braids can dress up any hair style.  Sweep a loose braid from one ear to the opposite side into a low ponytail to add fancy to your casual, and piece small braids in your up-do to add whimsical to your wow factor.  Braids that move over your head like headbands are great step up from wearing your hair down.  They’re easy additions that make significant impacts.


There’s no reason we can’t be smart and sleek at the same time.  This discreet little device is pepper spray that is easy to throw in your tote or take with you on a jog.  Experts say that pepper spray is the best self protection devise you can have.  It stops and inhibits most attackers and is relatively easy to master.  While rape whistles and horns are popular, their effects are largely dependent on others helping you out.  More drastic weapons like knives or guns are much more dangerous and the effects much more lasting.  This spray is an effective way to deter an attack and to help you feel more secure.  From, the basic model shown below is $35, but they have elaborate crystal studded models that sell for upwards of $100.

This one is called “Stunning Steel”


An elegant wide brim hat or an edgy fedora may be just what our wardrobes are missing. Hats aren’t just for hipsters, derbies, and royal weddings. They serve the noble purpose of shading the face, and they are a great way to show some personality.  Runway shows often include hats to accentuate designers’ unique styles, so how has this trend so widely escaped our everyday fashion?  Let’s take advantage of this overlooked resource to draw attention to ourselves in a positive way. All the hats below are in stores this season.

sleek casual

easy elegant


These nail polish strips are show stoppers to be sure. They are applied like stickers and are pretty easy to handle.  Painting nails can be difficult when you don’t have much time or patience to let the polish dry.  One great thing about these strips is that while they are actually nail polish, they don’t need any time to dry.  However, the real reason to buy a box of these bad boys is that they look amazing. The styles range from wild animal prints to sophisticated fabric-looking designs. If you like looking awesome check them out.

Polished: these nails will help acheive a well-maintained and fashionable look

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